We recently won an important victory before the Georgia Court of Appeals in a revocation of acceptance case under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). The Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with our arguments and stated: In this case, Mauk seeks damages for Pioneer’s failure to accept her attempted revocation under OCGA § 11-2-608 of her automobile purchase. Because […]

The clients were referred to me by attorney Eric Hunt. The husband was a retired Atlanta Gas Light employee of 35 years. The wife was a retired housekeeper for a large Macon area hospital. They live in a nice middle class area of East Macon. The husband wanted to buy the wife a new car.  On October 31, […]

The auto dealer fraud case arose out of a Bill Heard deal in which Bill Heard sold my client a used GMC Yukon.  The client and his wife specifically asked if the Yukon had ever been wrecked.  They were informed that the Yukon had not been wrecked.  The client bought the car and drove it roughly 50,000 […]

This particular amendment relates to “covenants not to compete” often put in to employment contracts.  The amendment is pushed by big business interests.   It is contary to the best interests of employees – particularly skilled employees such as engineers, computer specialists, medical employees, and salespeople. The existing Georgia law is not “broke”; there is nothing […]

Several years ago a nice lady from Villa Rica contacted me. She had lived in her home a long time and had her mortgage paid down significantly.  She had been contacted by a man named Michael Surgent and his company named Trinity Guaranteed Home Improvement.  He promised her he would repair her home and he […]

Our office successfully represented a local consumer against a West Georgia area auto dealer in which the dealer had placed a window sticker on the car representing that the car had a remaining factory warranty. After the consumer discovered problems with the car, she sought warranty work on the car.  She was informed that the […]

The typical caller is a person that just purchased a used car from a used car dealer. After having left the dealership and the high pressure sales tactics behind, the consumer realizes he or she paid too much for the car or that they cannot afford the payments, or that there is something wrong with […]

Imagine a consumer that goes to purchase a new mobile home from a local mobile home dealer.  The consumer agrees to pay a specified amount for a home with specific options.  The consumer is then invited into the office to sign documents. Included in the half inch thick stack of documents is an arbitration clause. […]

The following is excerpted from a letter sent by one of our clients about a car dealership fraud case. I was a young female consumer I bought a 2007 Dodge from a local dealership in the Carrollton Georgia area. When we arrived at the dealership we saw this beautiful red Dodge Caliber, so we went to […]