Michael Flinn

As auto dealer profits are squeezed through aggressive online price advertising, they are searching for other ways to make money on your car purchase. A huge source of profit for dealers is when they arrange your financing. The dealer finds a creditor willing to give you a 4.9% loan but tell you that you qualify […]

Here at Georgia Consumer Lawyer we are familiar with flood damaged cars being sold without disclosure after Katrina, Sandy and others.  Now, we urge you to watch for Florence Flooding cars being sold from the North Carolina without disclosure. It’s been about two weeks since Hurricane Florence lashed the Carolinas with rain measured in feet in some places. […]

GeorgiaConsumerLawyer T. Michael Flinn Recognized for Service to Children

Georgia Consumer Layer principal attorney T. Michael Flinn was recognized for his lengthy service advocating for children on Saturday March 16. Flinn has advocated on behalf of neglected and abused children for the majority of his 33 year legal practice. He has also been an advocate for battered women. He was presented with the Dan […]