Michael Flinn

Recently, I had a client come in about Land Rover he had recently purchased online from Class Auto Company, LLC. My client testified that the responded to an advertisement for the sale of this car by defendant which represented the car as having “a clean carfax, navigation, rear DVD player, towing package, brush bar ladder, […]

Georgia Law requires that all sellers of gasoline-powered cars and light-duty trucks (8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or less), regardless if they are a private party, dealership or auctioneer, must sell a vehicle with a current, valid passing Georgia Vehicle Emission Inspection Report (VIR) if the buyer is going to register the vehicle […]

Today I wish to report on a small victory for the consumer. My consumer client purchased a used car from a Gwinnett County used car dealer. She told the dealer she needed a reliable car. She asked if the specific car had ever been wrecked. She remarked that the paint looked new. The dealer responded […]

The article from the Compliance Guide is posted below. by Gil Van Over on August 1, 2006 I am sitting in Germany getting ready to head to France and am reminded of a childhood story. Dad was in the Air Force. While in the upper stages of elementary school, we lived in Okinawa. One of […]

By far the greatest number of sales of used cars in Georgia are “as is” which means there is no warranty.  The lack of any lemon law for used cars in Georgia means there is no warranty or lemon law protection from unscrupulous used car dealers. You may have options despite the lack of a lemon law […]

We recently won an important victory before the Georgia Court of Appeals in a revocation of acceptance case under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). The Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with our arguments and stated: In this case, Mauk seeks damages for Pioneer’s failure to accept her attempted revocation under OCGA § 11-2-608 of her automobile purchase. Because […]

The clients were referred to me by attorney Eric Hunt. The husband was a retired Atlanta Gas Light employee of 35 years. The wife was a retired housekeeper for a large Macon area hospital. They live in a nice middle class area of East Macon. The husband wanted to buy the wife a new car.  On October 31, […]

The auto dealer fraud case arose out of a Bill Heard deal in which Bill Heard sold my client a used GMC Yukon.  The client and his wife specifically asked if the Yukon had ever been wrecked.  They were informed that the Yukon had not been wrecked.  The client bought the car and drove it roughly 50,000 […]