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It is our position that there should not be any confidentiality in settlements of auto dealer fraud cases. In the typical consumer case, the auto dealer will want to condition its agreement to pay money to the consumer as compensation or reimbursement for damages caused by the dealer’s wrongful/illegal conduct on the consumer’s agreement not […]

“De-horsing” is a known car dealer coercion technique designed to high pressure a consumer into buying a car NOW. I recently handled an extreme example of de-horsing. In this example the consumer allowed the dealer to take her keys, ostensibly to value her car for a trade in.  The sales staff then refused to return […]

Georgia’s new state False Claims Act, effective July 1, 2012, extends well beyond most state “qui tam” laws. Qui tam laws are laws designed to allow citizens to make complaints on behalf of governments seeking to recover monies fraudulently obtained from the governments, most often in billing practices. Importantly, the “Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims […]

Today I wish to report on a small victory for the consumer. My consumer client purchased a used car from a Gwinnett County used car dealer. She told the dealer she needed a reliable car. She asked if the specific car had ever been wrecked. She remarked that the paint looked new. The dealer responded […]

The article from the Compliance Guide is posted below. by Gil Van Over on August 1, 2006 I am sitting in Germany getting ready to head to France and am reminded of a childhood story. Dad was in the Air Force. While in the upper stages of elementary school, we lived in Okinawa. One of […]

The clients were referred to me by attorney Eric Hunt. The husband was a retired Atlanta Gas Light employee of 35 years. The wife was a retired housekeeper for a large Macon area hospital. They live in a nice middle class area of East Macon. The husband wanted to buy the wife a new car.  On October 31, […]

The auto dealer fraud case arose out of a Bill Heard deal in which Bill Heard sold my client a used GMC Yukon.  The client and his wife specifically asked if the Yukon had ever been wrecked.  They were informed that the Yukon had not been wrecked.  The client bought the car and drove it roughly 50,000 […]

Several years ago a nice lady from Villa Rica contacted me. She had lived in her home a long time and had her mortgage paid down significantly.  She had been contacted by a man named Michael Surgent and his company named Trinity Guaranteed Home Improvement.  He promised her he would repair her home and he […]

The typical caller is a person that just purchased a used car from a used car dealer. After having left the dealership and the high pressure sales tactics behind, the consumer realizes he or she paid too much for the car or that they cannot afford the payments, or that there is something wrong with […]

Imagine a consumer that goes to purchase a new mobile home from a local mobile home dealer.  The consumer agrees to pay a specified amount for a home with specific options.  The consumer is then invited into the office to sign documents. Included in the half inch thick stack of documents is an arbitration clause. […]