Helping You Fix
What’s Broken In Your Life
Helping You Fix What’s Broken In Your Life

More Than 37 Years Of Standing Up For Consumers And Victims

Used car dealerships, insurance companies do not always have your rights in mind. They protect their own interests, not yours. To level the playing field, you need a strong and experienced attorney like T. Michael Flinn in your corner.

At Georgia COnsumer Lawyer, Mr. Flinn has more than 35 years of legal experience representing clients throughout Northwest Georgia in a variety of complex and challenging circumstances. Consumers who purchased a faulty car, victims who endured terrible accidents and defendants can rely on him for legal protection.

Learn more about his background:

In addition to running his law firm, he frequently delivers lectures at state bar seminars throughout Georgia.

Righting The Wrongs That You Face

Throughout his career of standing up for the underdog, Mr. Flinn has earned a reputation as a preeminent consumer rights attorney. His primary areas of focus include:

  • Lemon law: Lemon law refers to the set of laws surrounding the purchase of defective used cars. Mr. Flinn knows these laws inside-out and can use them to remedy your disastrous auto purchase.
  • Auto fraud: When dealers, manufacturers or other parties lie about their cars, the result is often devastatingly expensive. He holds fraudulent actors accountable for their deceit.
  • Personal injury: If another person or company’s negligence contributed to your serious injury, he will advocate tirelessly to help you recover fair and just compensation.

Attorney Flinn incorporates cutting-edge technology, exhaustive research and outside experts in his commitment to helping clients recover maximum compensation.

The Time For Help Is Now – Request A Free Consultation

Whether you purchased a dud car or you suffered an injury, do not simply give up and roll over. Contact Mr. Flinn’s office to request a free, confidential consultation about your legal options. He is ready to help you. Call 770-832-0300 or send him an email to get started.