Helping You Fix
What’s Broken In Your Life
Helping You Fix What’s Broken In Your Life

West Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

The Georgia Consumer Lawyer is your preferred provider for legal services in claims involving serious bodily injuries including:

  • Serious auto accidents
  • Commercial trucking collisions
  • Pedestrian knockdowns
  • Premises liability, including slip and falls and other injuries caused by failure to maintain safe premises
  • DUI and texting drivers
  • Wrongful death

Attorney Flinn has over 36 years of experience representing injured persons in west Georgia. His firm uses the most modern and up-to-date electronic research and discovery tools to investigate and prove his cases. With over 3.5 million dollars in recoveries for his clients in the past 24 months, he has proven results. The firm offers a free telephone consultation and will be happy to answer your questions.

Proven Track Record Of Results In Personal Injury Cases

Check out these personal injury case examples:

  • $2,000,000 settlement for man seriously injured by logging truck
  • $1,000,000 settlement for man seriously injured in a motorcycle commercial truck accident
  • $500,000 policy limit settlement for collision disc injury
  • $250,000 policy limits for four children injured in stop sign collision
  • $100,000 settlement for women with concussion injury in rear end collision
  • $100,000 settlement for women injured in a parking lot pedestrian knock-down
  • $350,000 settlement for a man injured in a collision with an ambulance
  • $200,000 settlement for a woman with a serious disfiguring hand injury in an auto accident
  • $200,000 settlement for a police officer injured when a driver struck him at a roadblock

These settlement amounts may not be indicative of any recovery we may be able to obtain for you. Each of these cases is fact-specific, and recoveries are determined by a number of factors including the nature and extent of injuries, reprehensibility and culpability of the defendant’s actions, the extent of insurance available and many others. However, you do want a representative with a proven track record of maximizing recoveries on your side.

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