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Helping You Fix What’s Broken In Your Life

Dealer Fraud Case Testimonial

by | Jun 1, 2010 | Firm News, Georgia Fraud Lawyer, Lemon Car Cases

The following is excerpted from a letter sent by one of our clients about a car dealership fraud case.

I was a young female consumer I bought a 2007 Dodge from a local dealership in the Carrollton Georgia area. When we arrived at the dealership we saw this beautiful red Dodge Caliber, so we went to look at the vehicle. When spoke with a sales consultant about the vehicle he told us all the details about how load the car was the nice rims it had on it and the warranty that they Dodge came with, the vehicle mileage was in the ten thousand markers. Little did I know that this dealership was making me look like a fool and was really taking advantage of my being a female and on top of that being pregnant.

We owned the truck for three months when we started to have problems with the truck. The first thing that starts going wrong with the truck is when it would rain; water would actually leak from the front windshield. So I set an appointment with the dealership for them to repair the seal in the window. They wouldn’t get us in for a few weeks; and we had already planned a family trip. We took our family trip and when we made it back my father saw that the tires were wearing to the point that the wires were showing. He advises me that I really should take it to the dodge dealership and have the front end looked at. At that point I called the dealership and they were able to get us in three day’s early, and at that point they told us we had a damage vehicle. The truck had been wrecked and they never spoke of this before to us. I asked the salesman if the truck had been wreck and he told me no; I then asked to see the carfax. After waiting, they explained to us that they were not able to pull the information up that the system was down but they would call as soon as they were able to get it pulled up. Almost every person in that dealership knew that the truck had been in a wreck before we bought it and never once step up to tell us about it. Everyone just kept giving us the run around about the warranty not being voided and the dodge dealership should fix it.

When I heard this I went right to the phonebook, I had hear of Mr. Michael Flinn before and I notice that he also practice lemon laws. I called and set an appointment to meet with Mr. Flinn after the dealership refused to work with me and place me in a better truck. Mr., Flinn took my case right away, looked over the information that I had on hand. Then Mr. Flinn looked up at me and said, I only take cases that I win (at that point I was so scared that I didn’t have a case at all), he then told me that he believes the case we could build would more than likely win me enough to pay off the old truck and to place me in another. I look back to that moment now, because he told me he could more than likely win us close to a $100,000.00; Mr. Flinn told the truth from day one. Court was very scary and he made me feel like I was a million dollars having him on my side. He had built his case so well and knew deeply that the dealership did my family very wrong. If Mr. Flinn would have never believed in me when I walked into his office on day one, I wouldn’t have been able to have fought and won this case. Unlike Mr. Flinn he places his passion of studying law into his work and you can tell just by the outcome of my case. He was able to take me to court and have the jury award us all together $125,000.00 plus his attorney fees. I never had to place a dime down with Mr. Flinn, the best that makes you feel like Mr. Flinn is there to help you is because he will tell you, “I never take a case I do not believe I can win, but if I do take a case and I don’t win than you do not pay.” When I have problem I look to Mr. Flinn, he has done my family a great thing and if he wouldn’t have been in my town we wouldn’t have been able to get the dealership to fix what was right.

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