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No Used Car Lemon Law in Georgia

by | May 25, 2011 | Firm News, Georgia Fraud Lawyer

By far the greatest number of sales of used cars in Georgia are “as is” which means there is no warranty.  The lack of any lemon law for used cars in Georgia means there is no warranty or lemon law protection from unscrupulous used car dealers.

You may have options despite the lack of a lemon law for used cars in Georgia. Contact us for a free case review.

There may be other remedies for the used car consumer. For example, used car dealers often misrepresent the qualities or characteristics of a used car and this may allow a consumer legal remedies even with an “as is” sale. Or the car may be sold without emissions.

Georgia law and fraud in the case of used car sales

Georgia law allows a complaint for fraud based upon the oral misrepresentations of a dealer or its agents in the sale of the vehicle. This is why we always encourage folks to ask questions about the used car they seek to purchase.  Has it ever been wrecked? Has it ever been flooded? Are there any known defects or mechanical issues? Does the transmission have any problems? Have you performed any service or made any repairs? Where did you get the car? These are all questions which at a minimum should be asked.  Dealers will often lie in response to these questions, and this would allow a claim for auto fraud.

Georgia law similarly would allow a claim for Unfair Business Practices where the dealer made false or misleading statements about a car. (Automobiles are covered under Georgia’s Fair Business Practices Act and other laws that protect consumers from auto fraud.)

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