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“De-horsing” The Dealer Coercion Technique

by | Aug 29, 2012 | Consumer Lawyer, Firm News, Georgia Fraud Lawyer

“De-horsing” is a known car dealer coercion technique designed to high pressure a consumer into buying a car NOW. I recently handled an extreme example of de-horsing. In this example the consumer allowed the dealer to take her keys, ostensibly to value her car for a trade in.  The sales staff then refused to return her keys to her. She felt captive to the staff until she finally purchased the clunker car at exorbitant rates.

Another Type of Car Dealer Coercion

Other scenarios include claiming they lost the keys and even throwing the keys on the roof.  De-horsing is also used in Yo yo sales. The dealer gets the happy consumer in his new car and acclimated to the car. The dealer sells the trade in.  The dealer then reels the consumer back in claiming that it could not get financing approved and asks the consumer to sign a new contract with less favorable terms. The consumer feels committed to the car and compelled to pay more.

How to Handle Dealer Coercion

Protect yourself from this scenario by taking another person with you. Call the police if you are ever refused the right to leave or if they refuse to return your keys.  Never feel pressured to buy the car. Do not let them keep you in the dealership for a lengthy period of time wearing down your resistance.

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