Helping You Fix
What’s Broken In Your Life
Helping You Fix What’s Broken In Your Life

It is our position that there should not be any confidentiality in settlements of auto dealer fraud cases.

In the typical consumer case, the auto dealer will want to condition its agreement to pay money to the consumer as compensation or reimbursement for damages caused by the dealer’s wrongful/illegal conduct on the consumer’s agreement not to tell anyone what it did.

This should be avoided. I specifically urge consumers to make their complaints known with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection, the Better Business Bureau, theGeorgia Used Car Board.  The best way to protect the next potential victim of the dealer misconduct is for this information to remain public.

Recently I had a case against a local dealer caught red handed selling a car that had been wrecked as a certified used car.  The consumer asked the dealer to simply refund the money and cancel the deal. The dealer refused.  I was asked by the consumer to help. The dealer agreed to refund the money and cancel the deal and to pay a small attorney fee.  The dealer however wanted to condition the settlement on confidentiality, not only by the consumer but by me as well.  The client rejected this demand.

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